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Microsoft SQL Server 2022 is here!!!

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

SQL Server 2022 features

Microsoft announced that SQL Server 2022 at the Ignite conference, bringing several significant new features that will influence many changes.

SQL Server 2022 Announcements

A few exciting features of SQL Server 2022 are:

  • Failover to Azure SQL Managed Instance

  • Parameter sensitive plan optimization

  • Seamless analytics over on-premise operational data

  • Database Ledger with blockchain functionality

  • Query store and Peer-to-Peer replica conflict resolution

  • Azure Synapse Link integration

  • Industry leading performance, availability

Exciting features of #SQLServer2022

The following image shows the SQL Server 2022 Wheels of Power.

SQL Server 2022 Wheels of Power
SQL Server 2022 Wheels of Power

Currently, SQL Server 2022 is announced as a private preview. However, you can learn more about it using the following resources.

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