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Install SQL Server 2022 on Windows

Microsoft announced a private preview of SQL Server 2022 last fall at ignite. SQL Server 2022 is the latest offering from Microsoft with performance, availability, scalability, and security. It was not available for the public to download and explore its features. You can explore the existing article SQL Server 2022 features to understand its new features and improevments.

Intro to SQL Server 2022

On May 24th, 2022, SQL Server 2022 entered the public preview phase. Anyone can download, install, and explore SQL 2022 features. SQL 2022 is part of the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform that unifies operational databases, data governance, and analytics.

The Linux SQL 2022 will be available soon. Currently, the public preview image of SQL 2022 is available on Windows. This article guides you in installing SQL Server 2022 preview.

Firstly, navigate to and register for the free trial.

SQL Server 2022 Preview

Fill out the information such as first name, last name, email id, and organization, and you get a link to download the EXE version. As shown below, the SQL Server on Azure VM image will be published later

Select your SQL Server 2022 preview download

Specify the local directory and click on Save.

Local Directory

Launch the SQL2022-SSEI-Eval, and it asks you to choose from the following options.

  • Basic: The basic option installs the SQL Server database engine with default parameters.

  • Custom: You can go through the installation wizard and choose the required installation steps in the custom mode.

  • Download Media: You can also choose to download EXE or CAB files that you can use later for installation on your choice machine.

Choose installation type

Let’s download SQL Server 2022 ISO file. Click on download media and choose package size and directory.

The ISO file size is around 1102 MB. Therefore, downloading takes time, depending upon your network speed.

Choose ISO or CAB file

Download Media

Once the download is successful, you get the following screen.

Download successful

Go to your ISO directory and mount the disk to launch the SQL Server 2022 installation wizard.

Mount DISC

Double-click on the setup files as shown below.

Launch Set Up

The SQL Server installation center looks familiar as to previous SQL Server versions. You can launch a system configuration checker to check for conditions that can prevent a successful SQL Server installation.

SQL Server Installation Center

As shown below, In my case, it passed all global rules without any failure, warning, or skipped step.

Global Rules

Click on the Installation menu and New SQL Server standalone installation or add features to an existing installation.

Launch SQL Server standalone installation

Follow the installation wizard as per shown screenshots.

Specify a free edition
Accept License terms

Install Rules

The feature selection has a new entry – SQL Server extension for Azure. The SQL Server 2022 is fully integrated with the Azure SQL Managed Instance using the link feature. It provides the integration benefit of the platform as a service (PaaS) for the disaster recovery solution.

By default, this SQL Server extension for Azure is ticked for installation. Let’s choose the Database engine service and the SQL Server extension for Azure.

SQL Server Instance features

Choose default or named instance. In case of default instance, enter an instance name of your choice.

SQL Server 2022 CTP2.0

You can specify the service account for SQL Server services and collation on the next page.

Service account and Collation

The database engine configuration is similar to what we saw in SQL Server 2019.

Server Configuration: I chose mixed-mode authentication and specified SQL Server administrator.

Server Configuration

Data directories:

Data directories:






Memory Configuration

Click Next and the installation wizard asks for your details for connecting to Azure. You can leverage Microsoft defender for cloud, AAD authentication, and Microsoft purview by linking to Azure.

SQL Server Extension for Azure

We do not have any option to skip the Azure connectivity during SQL Server 2022 installation. If you click on next without specifying Azure Service Principal details, it gives the below errors:

Specify Azure Service Principal details

I do not have Azure details with me at this point. Therefore, I go back to the features page and uncheck on SQL Server Extension for Azure.

Uncheck Azure feature

Review and start the installation process of SQL Server 2022.


Monitor progress

Restart computer message

After the installation, launch the SQL Server Management Studio and connect to SQL Server.

Note: The SQL Server Management Studio is a standalone client tool that you can download from Microsoft docs.

Connect SQL Server using SSMS

We have installed Microsoft SQL Server 2022 CTP 2.0 version, as shown below. The version number is 16.0.600.9.

Microsoft SQL Server 2022 CTP 2.0 version

Stay Tuned for further tips on SQL 2022!!

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