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Identifying SQL Agent Job from the format - SQLAgent - TSQL JobStep (Job 0xC4A075BBC7D7FB4993E60371

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

This article helps you get the SQL Server agent job name from the hexadecimal Job ID format.

Let’s say you have deadlock information that shows the following data for the “client app” attribute:

clientapp=SQLAgent – TSQL JobStep (Job 0xC4A075BBC7D7FB4993E603719D4EDDE5: Step 1)

Based on this output, we know a SQL Server Agent Job is involved, but what is the SQL Server Agent Job name? Run the following query and specify the string in the where clause.

select job_id, name, description
from msdb..sysjobs 
 CONVERT(binary(16), job_id) = 0xC4A075BBC7D7FB4993E603719D4EDDE5

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