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How to get Email Alerts on planned Maintenance events for Azure Services?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

We can configure alerts for the Azure service's upcoming maintenance events. It can send a notification 24 hours before the actual event takes place. While many do not see the need for this option, most customers typically take advantage of it due to how often normal operations can change or become unpredictable.

Launch Service Health service from Azure portal

Azure Service Health

Click on – Add Service health alert. It shows the conditions for the health alerts. You can choose the required Azure service ( currently selected 187 services), regions, and event type.

Configure a condition for Azure alert

The event type supports service issues, planned maintenance, health advisories, and security advisory.

Service Health Criteria

You can choose the required subscription, Azure service, event type, and region for the notification.

For the notification, create an Action group for email notification and alert rule

Alert Rule Details

To get more details around action group and alert rule configuration, refer to the article -

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