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How to disable ‘Completion time:’ message in SQL Server Management Studio message window

By default, the recent SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) versions query result shows a Completion time message every time we execute a query.

This message is helpful to capture information on time when results produce.

SSMS Completion TIme message

Often, developers, DBA need to copy the result of one script and run on it separate windows (for example, dynamic SQL statement generation). This message is annoying and leads to an error while running.

Is there a way to stop that message?


SSMS has an option of disabling for a specific query run and all SSMS connections.

Option 1)Disable for a specific connection level

If we want to disable for a temporary connection level, it can be done via query options.

Navigate to SSMS menu bar and go to Query -> Query Options -> Execution -> Advanced -> Show completion time

Query Options

Option 2) Disable permanently for all connections.

To disable the completion time message for all connections, go to the tool option in SSMS available on the top side and uncheck ‘Show completion time’.

Tools -> Options -> Query Execution -> SQL Server -> Advanced -> Show completion time

Disable permanently for all connections

After disabling the setting, the completion time message is disappeared.

Updated SQL Server Management Studio message

Note: You do not need to restart SSMS after unchecking or checking this option. It takes effect for any new connections.

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