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How to clear Server Names From List in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Do you have a long list of servers appearing in the drop-down of SSMS connection window. If yes, follow the steps in this article to remove unwanted servers from the list.

Once we connect to SQL Server using SQL Server Management Studio, we need to enter the following pieces of information.

  • Server Name

  • Authentication type

  • Credentials in case of SQL authentication

Once we connect to an SQL instance, the SSMS stores the connection string (server name and login name) in its repository. Once we initiate another database connection, you can choose the server name from the list of servers stored in the drop-down menu for quick connections.

Suppose you have a large database environment and frequently connect multiple SQL instances. In this case, the list becomes cluttered, and we might want to remove a few servers ( such as Decommissioned servers) or shorten the list of stored servers.

As shown below, I have a few servers appearing in the SSMS server name drop-down list.

SSMS Connection Window

You can follow the below steps to clear server names from the drop-down list.

  • Launch the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

  • Expand the drop-down server list in the connect to the server dialog box

  • Use the arrow keys to select the server that we want to remove. For example, in my demo, I want to remove server from the list

Select server from the list
  • Press the DELETE key on Keyboard, and it removes the specific entry from the server name list of SSMS.

Repeat the process for every server that we do not require in the drop-down list of SSMS connection window.

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